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view of custom kitchen cabinetry

Updating kitchen cabinets is a popular kitchen renovation trend among homeowners. White cabinets are the standard choice but there is no need to restrict yourself when there are so many choices in colours and finishes. Maple Leaf Flooring offers kitchen cabinets in exciting styles and colour combinations. You can find the perfect cabinet style to match your personality.

Colours have the ability to create a distinct ambiance. White is a classic, it brightens up the kitchen and gives a clean and functional look. Red brings energy and passion into the kitchen. Brown gives a mature and elegant feel and is a traditional cabinet colour. For an upbeat and warm kitchen, yellow cabinets would be ideal. Blues are cool and calming and would be a perfect choice if you want a laid back kitchen. You can choose from dozens of shades between all these colours.

Not only are there various colours to choose from, but there are also different finishes and techniques that can be applied to personalize the cabinets.

You could have solid coloured cabinets with a matte finish to give a simple yet bold look to the kitchen or choose to go for a glaze finish that highlights the grains, producing a multidimensional effect. Pinstriping adds an accent line along the edges of the cabinet doors, giving it a stylish look. You can combine glazing and pinstriping to produce a retro look or choose a rub-through finish, which involves sanding the finish on random edges to deliberately produce imperfections that give the cabinets a truly rustic look. You could also choose to go for solid wood cabinets as they never go out of style and give a rich, traditional look to the kitchen. They not only look great but are also very sturdy and last a long time.

Whether it is a minimalistic combination of solid colours and simple designs or an out of the box combinations of multiple colours in a high gloss finish or traditional wooden cabinets with brass fittings, the most important thing is that it should suit your personality.

Finding a cabinet style and deciding the colour and finish combinations is a hectic chore. That is where we come in; Maple Leaf Flooring has designers who can help you create custom cabinets for your kitchen. We also offer carpets, hardwood, tile and other flooring products.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation for kitchen cabinets.


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