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High-Quality & Reasonably Priced Tile Store in Calgary Ne

When it comes to remodelling a house, tile has remained a popular choice to install in high-traffic spaces due to its durability and versatility. Maple Leaf Flooring can provide Calgary homeowners with various stunning tiles options for their kitchen, bathroom, and entryway. We help you choose the best options available in our showroom within your budget. If you are looking for a trusted tile store in Calgary NE, drop by Maple Leaf Flooring.

Versatile Options Available in Calgary 

Our team can help you select the perfect material, colour, and design that best suits you and your home’s style. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or something bright and bold to stand out, we have a variety of options available to suit all tastes. Our options include:

Ceramic : Ceramic tile is made from clay materials pressed into a mould under extreme pressure. It can come in a variety of colours, textures, and glazed or non-glazed finishes. It is best suited for low-impact areas such as backsplashes.

Porcelain : Porcelain is one of the hardest stones; it is naturally stained and water resistant. Like ceramic, it can come glazed or unglazed and come in various colour options. It can be used for flooring or countertops.


Marble : Marble’s signature trait is its sporadic and beautiful veining. It has a highly polished surface and is available in many colours. Because it is more porous, marble is not recommended for kitchen floors and is better suited for areas with less moisture.

Natural Stone : Quarried, cut, and finished, natural stone comes with many variations and characteristics that are destined to match your needs. This can be used for walls and floors.


Slate : Dense and very durable, slate gives off beautifully dark and natural tones. Although it can be polished, many choose slate for its natural texture. It is a great option for your kitchen or high foot traffic areas as it is non-slip and heat resistant.


Granite : Granite is an extremely hard and dense stone. It is known for the speckled materials found within it, its unique veining, and the generous selection of colours it comes in. Granite is impermeable and after polishing, is scratch resistant. It is a common choice for kitchens and other high-traffic areas.



What Projects Is Tile Best Suited For?

Tile can be used just about anywhere to add life and colour to your home or business. Known for its versatility in usage, tile offers endless options for those with a specific vision in mind. We always have tile in stock in our showroom in Calgary NE so you can get started on your projects immediately. Common spaces to use tile for:

  • Bathroom
  • Custom shower
  • Kitchen
  • Backsplashes
  • Laundry
  • Entrance
  • Fireplace
  • Outdoor Patio

Benefits of Installing Tile Floors in Your Home

Tile flooring is a popular option for homeowners who wish to experiment and create different looks within their homes. Apart from their versatility and sturdiness, there are several other benefits of tile floors:


Requires less maintenance
Known for their easy-to-clean properties, tiles do not allow stains, dirt and foul odour to settle on their surface that easily. With the use of regular household cleaners, damp sponges and mops, you can give your tiles a sparklingly clean look without any hassles. There is no need to scrub hard or spend hours removing that tough stain.


Lots of variety to choose from
Tiles come in a variety of textures, shapes, sizes and colours. The different options and the patterns add decorative effects to any room in your home. Select the ones that go with your home furnishings, décor and other aspects of your home to get the best look.

Calgary Tile Experts to Decorate Your Home

Give your residential or commercial buildings a fresh look with new tile floors and backsplash! We have great clearance deals , so don't hesitate to contact us to request a quote for more details.


To better understand the tile options we have available, visit our showroom in Calgary NE. Our tile experts can help you find the best design, colour, and material for your remodelling project. Together, we find the right product to make your flooring eye-catching and functional. Select from our broad range of tiles at our tile store today!  Check out our blogs to learn tips about tiles and other flooring options.


Get premium quality, durable tiles to spruce any part of your home

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