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Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring choices at our store. Carpet not only adds beauty to your home décor but also creates an inviting and warm space. At Maple Leaf Flooring, we carry a wide selection of carpets with colours, textures and patterns that fit your interior décor. We guarantee that you will find something you love at our carpet store in Calgary NE. Our flooring experts will help you choose the carpet that best suits your family's preferences and lifestyle.

Benefits of Carpet Flooring For Home

Whether you are installing carpet for the whole home or freshening up the basement flooring, Maple Leaf Flooring has a selection of carpet styles for you to choose from at our carpet store in Calgary NE. Some of the benefits of carpet flooring include:

  • Insulation: Carpets can help save energy as it maintains the feeling of warmth.
  • Absorb sound:  It will help soften harsh sounds and help reduce sound transfer.
  • Prevent slip-and-fall accidents: If water is spilled on the floor, people won’t accidentally slip on the floor.
  • Design: Carpets are inviting, and our feet feel good when you walk on them. It will add to your décor extra texture with its various colours, patterns and pile heights.

Choosing the Right Carpet From Your Needs

Before choosing a carpet, you should consider the four major components given below:

  • Colour: The colour of a carpet is always the first thing to consider before choosing one. With so many colours available, selecting the right carpet might be a difficult task. Do you want the carpet to coordinate with your interior? Keep in mind that mid-tone carpets show lesser footprints than dark-toned colours. Hence, we will always recommend you to select multi-coloured carpets that are extremely effective in minimizing the effects of everyday soil and dirt. 
  • Performance:  For high-traffic areas, we suggest you to choose durable carpets made of resilient fibres engineered to resist crushing and matting. If you’re replacing your carpet, take a moment to inspect the carpet to identify the high-traffic areas in your home or business.
  • Carpet Fibers: Some of the most common fibres used in carpets today are nylon, polyester, polypropylene and natural fibres such as wool or sisal. The unique features from each of these fibres help  you determine their use and pricing.
  • Soil and Stain Resistance: Are you afraid of choosing a lighter, vibrant colour to enhance your overall interior décor? If you have kids playing around in your home, or a very busy lifestyle space you should always consider carpets with good stain resistance.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Taking simple steps towards caring for and maintaining your carpet goes a long way in extending its lifespan. With time, your carpet becomes dirty with spills, splashes, accidents and boot marks that you or someone else might leave behind. Let us look at some simple techniques to keep your carpets clean and healthy year after year.


Avoid letting stains go unattended
Act fast when you notice a stain or a spill. Using water mixed with soap works wonders, and it’s best to avoid using chemicals. Remember to steer clear of brushes with rough bristles or excessive scrubbing. Carpets are delicate and must be cleaned with gentle care.


Regularly move heavy furniture around
Heavy furniture that’s kept on your carpet must be moved around at regular intervals. This prevents marks or piles from forming on the carpet surface. So, depending on the space available to you, keep moving your furniture.


Vacuuming is a must
Not only on weekends but whenever possible, you need to vacuum your carpets. You should start cleaning from the centre and proceed to the fringes. Deep cleaning at least once a week will help keep your carpets cleaner for longer.


We also suggest you to consider some of the important factors before selecting a carpet for your home or business in Calgary. Some considerations to make are:


Who lives in the home or comes to the business?

Not all carpets are made equal and not all households or businesses are highly active spaces. Some carpets are perfect for busy families whereas some carpets are better suited for low-traffic use.


Do you have pets or dirty boots traffic?

If you enjoy having pets in your home, you should consider carpets with good stain resistance.


How long will you be living in the home that you’re carpeting?

If the plan is long term, you should be looking into a carpet that can withstand the use and keep up over time. If the plan is to sell the house or use for a short period of time, there are carpets that will be more cost effective in those instances.


If carpets do not fit your lifestyle, we also offer other flooring options such as hardwood, tile and laminate. Don’t forget to checkout our ongoing promotions for great deals. Call us today to learn more about our carpet selection or visit our showroom.

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