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Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen? Before you start working on it, consider going through the latest kitchen design trends. With a little effort, you can declutter the area to increase your home’s resale value or jazz up the interior to make things interesting! Select certain sections which can be renovated with a few simple alterations, like the kitchen cabinets or the blinds. With the help of professionals at Maple Leaf Flooring, you can make sure your time, effort and money are well-invested.

Over time, the definition of a kitchen has evolved. It is no longer a section exclusively dedicated to cooking. These days, it usually accommodates the dining area and brings people closer through food. This year is all about increased functionality and fabulous designs.

Let the below-mentioned trends inspire and guide you to remake your kitchen:

1. A Modern Makeover of Cabinets

For a stylish and trendy look, consider making changes to your kitchen cabinets. Include the latest design features like:

· Open shelving – Increase space by reducing the number of cabinet doors.

· Open frame – Doors with open frames and glass panels display items inside. Fine chinaware or copper pans make for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

·  Slab cabinet doors – This has a flat and frameless door front. You can install it with a glossy or wood finish for a minimalistic look.

2. Pay Attention to Cabinet Handles and Hardware

These add to the overall look of the kitchen and have the ability to completely transform its’ appearance. You can create a sleek look with materials like pewter, gunmetal or copper, combining the best of form and function.

3. Pendant Lighting

It is a chic way to highlight the central point of your kitchen. Moreover, it is a functional element that adds to the ambiance; choose from a variety of options to match your style.

4. Two-Toned Kitchen

Get creative and select two different colours for your counter-top and cabinets. Typically, two-toned kitchens offer white uppers coupled with a darker colour base. It is an alternative to the monochromatic look and has been in trend lately. For this, you can also opt for two types of materials or finishes.

5. Bright Colour Pops

One of the best ways to change the mood of any room is to change the colour. Go with shades that match the rest of the house, with small splashes of vibrant tones in between. If paired correctly, it will make your kitchen appear brighter and larger.

6. Panel Track Blinds

They are best suited to cover sliding glass doors or expansive windows. A light colour will allow light to pass through, while alternating coloured panels will look great when drawn back.

7. Kitchen Backsplash

It covers the wall area between the upper cabinets and the countertop. Ceramic tiles, shiny metals or patterned glass motifs can be used to protect the walls from steam or liquids like oil and water. Inject your personality into the design scheme by choosing an appropriate material.

8. Connect the Kitchen to An Outdoor Space or Patio

If you have an outdoor area adjacent to the kitchen, try using glass doors to connect them. It is a gorgeous way to flood your space with light, produce the illusion of open space and make the kitchen more welcoming.

9. Smart Kitchen Technology

Gizmos keep evolving every day, and now they are available for kitchens too. You can install Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, refrigerators with smart screen displays and remote controlled lighting.

It can be frustrating when empty space can’t be utilized as it is too small. Organize items and use the proper cabinets, drawers and dividers for better storage solutions.

If you are planning to modify your kitchen flooring, use engineered flooring options like luxury vinyl planks or laminate. Both are water resistant to varying degrees and are suitable for your kitchen. Create a look which best reflects your personality; a homey and comforting space or a funky area with a little flare. You can even mix and match both moods to suit your style.

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