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The Green Revolution: Eco-Friendly Flooring Choices for a Sustainable Home

The Green Revolution: Eco-Friendly Flooring Choices for a Sustainable Home

Choosing to change the flooring of your home is a big decision; the right colour, the right material, the right finish can make or break a room! And, as more and more Canadians adopt an eco-friendly mindset, one more criterion to make the right choice comes to mind: Sustainability.

At Maple Leaf Flooring, we’ve been helping homeowners in Calgary make the right flooring choices for over two decades, and love guiding our customers in their renovation projects.

If you are planning on renovating your house but are worried about the impact some of the materials might have on the environment, this post was written just for you!

What Are My Eco-friendly Flooring Choices?

Tile Flooring

There are numerous well-known benefits that tiles can offer when we talk about flooring. Most people choose tile flooring considering factors such as its ease of installation or even home revaluation, as they can increase your property value compared to other types of flooring.

Would you be surprised if we told you that, on top of these advantages, tile flooring is also considered one of the most eco-friendly options for home flooring?Being made from composites of natural materials such as clay, sand, and stone, tiles are a great option for those who want to go green with their home renovation.

Tile floors are known for being durable, stylish, versatile, and easy to clean, keeping your home stylish, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly.


Most people relate carpets to warm houses and cozy environments. Few things are worse than feeling the chill of a cold floor coursing through you from the toes up as you put your feet on the ground on cold winter mornings.

Carpets’ insulation capabilities are what makes them one of the most common choices when it comes to flooring in Calgary. This is exactly why carpets are also considered a great eco-friendly flooring choice.

When covering your floors with carpets, you essentially add an extra layer of insulation, allowing you to avoid the excessive use of heaters in your house, and preserving energy.

That directly translates to more money in your pocket and a reduced carbon footprint! It’s also worth noting that some carpets are made from recycled or reclaimed materials, making them even more environmentally friendly than most people would assume.

Hardwood Flooring

Aesthetically pleasing, hardwood flooring is also a very common option for homeowners in Calgary due to their strength and durability.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly flooring choice that would give you the possibility of having a beautiful house while reducing your carbon footprint, this could be the best alternative for you.

Known for being resistant and reliable, hardwood flooring can last for decades if properly cared for. Besides that, they don’t trap as much dust as other types of flooring, helping you save energy with vacuuming, and ultimately being kind to the planet.

Start your Eco-Friendly Home Transformation Now

Now that you have gotten more information about the eco-friendly flooring choices you can have, why not embark on your home renovation journey with a sustainable twist? Embracing an eco-conscious approach not only benefits the environment but also adds charm and value to your home. If you live in Calgary and you are thinking about making an environmentally responsible choice for your flooring, don’t hesitate.

Contact us today and let us guide you through a greener path for your home upgrade.

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