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Laminate flooring in Calgary Alberta

When considering engineered flooring, the two most common types presented to homeowners are laminate and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). Maple Leaf Flooring sells both, LVP and laminate flooring in Calgary because they are a great alternative, bring great value, and improve the look of your home.

While they might sound similar, each type has its strengths and weaknesses, and one might work better in one situation than the other. Therefore, by making an informed comparison, you can better determine which one works for your remodel or flooring upgrade project.

Laminate Versus Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Calgary

You are ready to take the plunge and update your floors. You have narrowed down the choices to laminate and LVP, but which one is better for your renovation plan?

Here are a few facts to consider about each when selecting flooring:

  • Material: Vinyl or LVP floors are made from 100 percent plastic, while laminate still has 99 percent wood products and the remainder is a plastic composite. Consider LVP a synthetic floor material that has a thicker core layer of PVC vinyl. It comes in tiles and planks, similar to hardwood floors for a natural appearance. Laminate has a printed design surface on the top, while the core is rigid fiberboard made of wood and wood by-products bound together into a single plank.

  • Look: Back in the day, if you walked over someone’s vinyl flooring, you knew it was vinyl. However, today’s advancements make LVP hard to distinguish, and laminate is also very wood-like. They are both less expensive than the genuine wood version, and no one would know the difference unless they got up close and personal with your floor!

  • Water Resistance: Now, here is a factor to consider, because this will determine where you can put your flooring. LVP has superior moisture resistance capability, which performs efficiently in kitchens and bathrooms. You can use it in other areas of the home with frequent water exposure too, such as laundry rooms or even the mudroom. Laminate, while durable, does not have the same water resistance. Although it is resistant to some degree, standing water will warp it, while it does not affect vinyl the same way. Therefore, you may want laminate in high-traffic areas without moisture, such as hallways, bedrooms, living areas, offices, and even your foyer.

  • Durability: Both options are incredibly durable, but laminate performs better in high-traffic areas and even withstands pets.

  • Cost: Both are comparable in price, with laminate costing slightly more if you opt for a designer flooring product.

  • Comfort and Sound: Both types can tend to be a bit cold in the winter, but LVP is softer when you walk on it, and you might notice it is quieter too – so you will experience fewer echoes.

  • Green Considerations: If you are the eco-conscious homeowner and you prefer greener materials in your home, both are about the same today. LVP is synthetic, and it cannot be recycled, but it is a low-emission material. That said, it does not decompose in landfills once discarded. Laminate has wood in the fiberboard, and some manufacturers have labeled it recyclable. However, the melamine in the plastic surface layer is not green and can give off chemicals.

See Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Plank in Our Calgary Showroom

Sometimes, the only way to pick the right flooring is to walk on it, feel it, and see it in person. That is why Maple Leaf Flooring recommends you come in and look at the samples of LVP and laminate we have in our showroom.

Visit your one-stop flooring shop in Calgary at Maple Leaf Flooring and see our wide selection of choices, including laminate and LVP. Call us at 403-230-2293 for a quote or contact us online with your flooring questions.


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