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People don't buy carpets often. Many get confused by the sheer styles, textures, colours and end up buying something they are not happy with. It's best to start with basic homework, comparison shopping to get a sense of carpet variety that will best work for your house.

At Maple Leaf Flooring, we have a collection of residential and commercial carpets in Calgary. You can choose what fits your interior décor. This article will further provide with a basic understanding of carpet types, benefits and what you should know before shopping for new carpets.


When you think of carpet types, it usually means the carpet material that is the most distinguishing element. There are majorly four types of carpet fibres:

• Nylon: This material is also the most durable and popular. It is known for its capability to resist soil and stay the same for many years. For high traffic rooms, this is the best kind that you should look for.

• Polyester: These have wonderful colours and textures. Known for having luxurious looks. It is harder to clean and less durable than nylon. It can be best used in low traffic areas or houses without kids and pets.

• Olefin: It is known for being inexpensive fibre, not as resilient as nylon. It might be damaged with excess exposure to sunlight. Often selected for high traffic sections like play areas.

• Wool: The appealing factor will be its resilience for stains, dirt, and dust. It is quite expensive as the fibre is durable and strong.


It's better to know what entails a quality carpet material. Ask the salesperson these qualities before finalizing the carpet material.

• Face weight: This is usually the weight of the carpet measured in ounces. Check for all the factors along with the weight to determine the quality of the material.

• Density: It is determined by the thickness of the fibre and how they are packed together. A density rating of 2000 or more is what you should be looking for.

Carpet twist number: This refers to several times the strands are twisted together when you measure it within the one-inch length of the fibre.

• Warranties: It is very important to understand what the manufacturer is offering in the name of warranties. Check for exclusions and texture retention in your warranty.

• Carpet style: Your carpet style plays an influential role in its performance. The styles include Saxony, frieze or cut-and-loop.


• Beauty and style quotient

You can increase your style quotient with the choice of hundreds of styles, structures, and colours. You can personalize your house with your own choice of carpet flooring.

• Comfort and warmth

Carpet provides exceptionally good thermal insulation which is much better than the hard surface or tiles. It can retain warm air longer thus in colder climates it will provide the ultimate warmer feeling. Carpets have flexibility with the cushioning which will act as a shock-absorbent for your footsteps.

• Safe

Hard surfaces can be slippery, there are a majority of safety concerns involved especially on stairs when children and elderly residents are present in the house. To avoid accidents and concerns, carpet cushion will provide the best possible protection for your house.

• Absorbs Noise

Our homes are usually noisy with the full volumes of TV, speakers and sound systems. Carpet flooring helps absorb these sounds. You will also notice the sounds of walking on stairs are also masked. Carpets contribute to a much calm and quieter place.

• Maintenance

Unlike hardwood flooring and tiles, you don't have to spend too much time maintaining carpets. A good vacuum cleaner and cleaning the carpets professionally every year will help with the appearance and keep the carpet in the best condition for a very long time.

• Cost

Carpets help with energy savings. Due to its insulation, you don't have to spend extra on heating the place. You will get value for money with many of its benefits. Carpets also are more affordable than hardwood surfaces.

All the above details will help you choose the right carpet for your home. There is unquestionably a lot to contemplate before making a choice but hopefully, the guide will help you surmise the basics of carpet flooring.

Visit our one-stop flooring shop in Calgary at Maple Leaf Flooring to learn more about carpets for your floors.


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