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Beautiful Flooring Options: Engineered Hardwood in Calgary

Engineered Hardwood has risen significantly in popularity as a flooring choice for homes and businesses because of the new width sizes it offers now. A traditional solid hardwood floor is typically around the 2-1/4-3-1/4” width but with the engineered construction you now have the options to go from 2-1/4” and all the way up to 12” wide or more. Engineered Hardwood uses a layer of real hardwood on top which they will bond to a plywood core, this gives you the look and feel of a real hardwood floor and with the plywood core you get the stability needed when you go into the wider boards. Calgary’s climate is a much drier climate than most and with our Chinooks in the winter time our humidity levels can fluctuate dramatically which means a solid hardwood in widths wider than 4” is not recommended. One of the biggest benefits of an engineered hardwood though, is the ability to be installed below grade or on concrete sub floors due to the flexibility of installation options which means you can have the same floor in your basement too! Learn more about the benefits of the Engineered Hardwood found at Calgary’s Maple Leaf Flooring .

How is Engineered Hardwood Made?

Engineered wood is made of multiple layers of cross-grained wood that is bonded together under extreme pressure and heat. By pressing the wood together in opposite directions, the fabricated wood core is extremely stable which allows for the wider boards w’re seeing now. The Real wood layer, cut from natural hardwood, is used on top as a finishing layer to give the resiliency and look of hardwood.

Why Calgary Customers Love Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The temperature in Calgary follows its own rules. When it goes from plus 10 to minus 10 overnight, having stable products are essential. Engineered Hardwood is not as susceptible to temperature fluctuation and humidity changes as traditional wood flooring options. When the temperature changes quickly so can your humidity levels. The biggest reason why our customers love engineered flooring has to be the amount of options you get. Engineered Hardwood flooring comes in so many widths, colors and finishes which really lets you get personal on how you design your Calgary home!

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Products

Our Engineered Hardwood products are available in a range of colours and finishes. At Maple Leaf Flooring in Calgary, we can help you determine what style will work best to suit your space and design. Our colours range from light-coloured traditional looking wood to red and burgundy hues, to dark and modern stains. We also have a selection of finishes available including: 

  • Hand Scraped : This one has the most textured finish and with a distinct look. These floors are scraped by hand or machine and due to the heavy texturing they’re perfect for active households. 
  • Wire Brushed : Another alternative to a textured floor, wire brushing gives you the look of a textured floor but without the heavier markings you would find with a handscraped. This reflects a European style. 
  • Smooth : When you want a clean looking and smooth surface, this is the option for you. This finish is the most traditional.


At Maple Leaf Flooring, All our products are purchased directly from the manufacturers, eliminating middlemen and their extra fees.


Request a Quote Today

If you are looking to renovate or revamp your home or business in Calgary, consider Engineered Hardwood flooring as a beautiful and durable flooring option. We also offer quality laminate flooring to enhance the aesthetics of your space. Give us a call to learn more about what choices we currently have available or stop by our showroom to see samples firsthand

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