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Natural wood floors are one of the most popular choices in almost any home: they hold up well and last for a long time. Hardwoods also have one of the best returns on investment (upwards of 80 percent) of any home improvement project.

But hardwoods do require some upkeep to ensure they hold up and continue looking great. We create a list of tips for maintaining and protecting your hardwood floors so they will last a lifetime. Keep reading to find out more.

Tips on Cleaning Hardwoods


Many people overlook vacuuming as a great way to keep hardwoods clean. They assume it is only for carpet or other floor types, but this is not the case. You can use a vacuum with a floor brush cleaning tool, but not one with a beater brush. These can scratch or scuff your hardwoods. If you are in doubt, you can always turn this function off on your vacuum.

Cleaning Solution Specific for Hardwoods

The best thing to do is pick up a cleaner designed for hardwoods. You should never use ones that are made for tile or vinyl, as they may contain chemicals that could damage wooden planks. Disposable wipes made for hardwoods are an easy option as well.

“Green” hardwood floor cleaners are available if you’re concerned about the chemicals affecting your pets or young children. These are safe for anyone who comes into contact with the solutions.

DIY Cleaning Solution

Another safe (and cheap) alternative is a white vinegar solution. Vinegar is very acidic, making it a natural disinfectant strong enough to kill most household pathogens.

You should dilute it with water first, though, at a ratio of about 1/32. That’s approximately ½ cup of vinegar for every gallon of water.

Protecting The Hardwoods Surface

Rugs & Mats

One of the easiest things you can do to maintain hardwood floors is to protect them with rugs. Also, floor mats inside and outside entryways will help limit moisture and dirt spilling onto your hardwoods.

Having an area to sit and remove shoes is a great idea for any home, especially those with hardwoods. Unlike on carpet or tile, show heels can scuff or scratch hardwoods.

If possible, keep an old towel stowed away near entrances. Making wiping up moisture, dirt, and grime from your floor part of your cleaning routine will limit the potential for damage.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Another simple way to protect the hardwoods is restricting exposure to direct sunlight. While some light will not hurt them, constant UV rays can damage the wood over time. Recoating the floor with shellac, wax, or varnish can help protect the floor from sun damage. It’s also a great way to give old hardwoods a new sheen.

While there is plenty of DIY hardwood floor coating info online, you should consider leaving this project to a professional. It will ensure the job is done right and that your floors are protected correctly.

Keep Your Hardwood Floors in Shape with Regular Maintenance

With the tips we share above, simple upkeep can make your hardwoods look great and last for a long time. If you decide the current look of your floor doesn’t fit your style anymore, visit our showroom in Calgary NE to explore our inventory.

Since 1998, Maple Leaf Flooring has provided high-quality flooring products and expert installation. We are a family-owned business with a huge inventory stock of various designs. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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